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These are answers to specific questions that may not be fully covered by the descriptions and explanations of our solutions elsewhere on this site. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at

What portal environments is Westlaw Integration Solutions compatible with/available in?

West has partnered with all the top portal vendors, including Plumtree, Hummingbird, Citrix (Sequoia), SV Technologies, iPlanet, iManage, Epicentric, NextPage. For more information about how Westlaw Integration Solutions works with portals, click here.

What is the difference between IntraClip and WestClip?

WestClip and IntraClip share many similarities. They both provide a clipping service for news and legal material. The primary difference is that WestClip is designed to be set up by individuals for their own use (results are normally received by e-mail), and IntraClip is designed to be set up by a librarian, intranet developer, or other intranet content manager to be used by a group of people on an intranet.

With IntraClip, am I limited to just the databases listed in the drop-down box, or can I set up clips to search other databases?

While the databases available from the IntraClip drop-down are limited, they are also the most popular, and they are probably easier for most users than needing to know which database identifier to type into a blank box. The databases covered are those that, by far, most users clip. However, if there is a specific publication that a you would like to clip that is not in our drop-down box of common databases, you may accomplish this in one of two ways: a) You can simply build the publication restriction into the query, such as running the following query in the ALLNEWS database: pr("Toronto Star") and ti("e-commerce") Remember, there is no charge for setting up an IntraClip, so there are no differences in database charges for the search. Or b) You can e-mail us at and we will set up a query for any "clippable" database that is not in the drop-down list.

How much does IntraClip (or any Westlaw Integration Solutions component) cost?

Please see our pricing page for information about pricing.

Are you planning to add any law reviews or journals to Newslink?

We are considering it.

Which law reviews would you like to see there?

Let us know at

In IntraClip, when the "Eliminate Duplicate Documents" option is chosen, which document is kept?

When duplicates are eliminated, the first one in the result list is kept. If you had a query that returned 36 items, and the first document, the fifth document, and the tenth document were duplicates, the fifth and the tenth would be removed.

With IntraClip, Is there any way that I can edit the results that users see?

Yes. There is an option to "edit results." Choose that option to delete irrelevant results from your result list.

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