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With Westlaw Integration Solutions you now have the power to create fresh, dynamically updating content that seamlessly integrates into your intranet environment. Whether you are looking to provide a simple Westlaw search from within your intranet or provide the same current awareness information to everyone in your organization at the same time, Westlaw Integration Solutions has several options to help you save time.

Integration Offerings

West IntraClip - allows you to set up your own Westlaw query to automatically track news and legal developments. You can then send the results to an email address, or post links to the material on your intranet.
Click here to download the IntraClip utility tool, and add IntraClip to your intranet today.

Custom Research controls - easily create a Westlaw search, KeyCite, or WestFind&Print links on your intranet page for easy access to the most commonly used Westlaw sources.
Click here to access the WestFind&Print utility tool, and add WestFind&Print to your intranet today.

New Releases:

West has just released a new, enhanced version of West's clipping service, IntraClip.

The new enhancements include the following:

RSS delivery - provides a format to deliver your IntraClip results seamlessly into a wide variety of environments such as an Outlook folder, intranet or web page hosted by a news reader. This will allow a user to aggregator all of their current awareness content including IntraClip into one place.

Additional Content selections - more broad content sets available such as Andrews Publications, Wires and Allnewsplus and well as narrower state specific databases

Formatting options - choose from an array of formatting options (e.g. choose the font, style, background color, firm logo, display summary, choose authentication option)

Click here for more detailed information on the new enhancements

"What is an Intranet?"
  • Web page consisting of links to information for use by employees
  • Also known as corporate intranet, firm intranet
  • Key characteristics: Available only to staff of organization. Brings together internal links and data in addition to external links; general static Web pages with no individual customization; informational in nature; return on investment (ROI) from increased productivity

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